We recognise that all individuals are inter-dependent. Our actions effect other people. Our aim is to encourage people to work with others to improve their lives. Underlying this is an ideal of mutual aid. By helping and supporting each other, we can all improve our lives.

We can see examples of mutual aid all around us. People work together to achieve shared goals. We also help each other out in difficult times. At ACE, we would like to see even more mutual aid. This includes everything from starting up non-profit social groups to organising massive social change based on shared resources, participatory democracy and co-operation.

If you would like to encourage more mutual aid, too, we invite you to get involved. ACE and all of the groups that use the Center are always looking for more people to participate. You can also support ACE through donations of money (either a one off or by standing order), office equipment or books for the library. Feel free to contact us if you want any more information or would like to get involved.