Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty – Fighting for low/no income people

PIE Scotland – Oficina Precaria / Precariat Office Scotland

Scottish Radical Library – Free lending library

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group – Supporting the Zapatistas

IWW Scotland – Edinburgh branch in formation

Escritores en Edimburgo

Libcom – Left archive online

Anarchist Federation Afed UK online

Aberdeen Protest Blog – Radical history in & around Aberdeen

Tyneside Anarchist Archive – Anarchist publications

Scottish Unemployed Workers Network – Dundee based campaign group

Glasgow Autonomous Space – Glasgow social centre

Dundee Against Austerity – Anti-cuts group in Dundee

Word Power Bookshop – Scotland’s online radical bookshop

Lighthouse – Edinburgh’s radical bookshop

AKUK – Home of AK Press publisher in Edinburgh

Pluto Books – Radical, left-wing, non-fiction publisher

Solidarity Federation

Partisan – Manchester’s Co-operative Arts & Social Space

Ground – Hull based

BASE – Bristol – Formerly known as Kebele

56a Bookshop – Social centre & infoshop with a radical library & archive

GRASS – A GAF social centre in Islington

DIY Space – London

Next to Nowhere – Liverpool social centre

CASE Central – Bristol Welfare rights support centre

Sumac – Nottingham social centre

Brighton Unemployed Centre

Pete Cannell – Radical photographer albums

International Links:

Seattle Solidarity Network – US Radical group

Olympia Solidarity Network – Radical community group

Jura Books – Australian radical bookshop