Date(s) - Saturday 5th January
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

On the first Saturday of the New Year we’ll be opening ACE for general access. This gives people a chance to check us out, but this time at the weekend!

Come learn more about us, hang out & see what our space has to offer:

  • The Scottish Radical Library: borrow, browse or return a book – check out our zines, dvds and magazines too
  • Chiapas coffee: available to buy straight from Mexico
  • Free tea/coffee: and a bowl of water for the dog (if you have one!)
  • Free leaflets: find out more about the work our groups do & the campaigns currently running
  • The Info Shop: a range of radical magazines, pamphlets and books available to buy
  • Free internet access: and you can use our laptops to go online
  • The Autonomous Archive: our fabulous and unique archive of radical material both past and present preserved for reference. Please check it out and learn more about our radical past
  • Toilet available & wheelchair accessible

If you’d like to volunteer a few hours once a month to help ACE open on a Saturday, please get in touch. We always welcome new folk & look forward to meeting you.

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh