Date(s) - Monday 7th October
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Workshop at ACE – All welcome

Bring you Struggles: Call for a New International Network of Resistance & Rebellions

“To the Sixth and Networks [of Rebellion and Resistance]: we call on you all to get started on your analysis and discussion for the formation of an International Network of Rebellion and Resistance—whether that be a pole, a nucleus, a federation, a confederation, or whatever you might call it. This Network should be based on the independence and autonomy of those who constitute it, explicitly renouncing all attempts at hegemony or homogeny, where mutual aid is unconditional and all share in each other’s good and bad experiences, all the while working to circulate all the histories of the struggle that take place below and to the left.”

This summer the Zapatistas in Chiapas issued a call to form an International Network of Rebellion and Resistance. This workshop is an invitation to explore the background and context of that call, and to bring our own struggles to this network.

A free event open to all at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh. More info:



The workshop will be introduced by an activist from Manchester Zapatista Collective.

The first part of the workshop introduces the phases and stages of the Zapatista struggle so far. These include the many years of secret organising and consciousness-building before 1994, the public uprising and the recuperation of land in 1994, the convergence and alliance with urban civil society groups, the autonomy of the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, the formation of national and international solidarity and affinity networks, the decision to dispense with the public spokesperson of the Subcomandante Marcos and, most recently, the confrontation of the rhetoric and the politics of a supposedly left-wing president who supports neoliberal mega-projects (like tourism developments and large infrastructure projects) that destroy the planet and the territories and ways of life of indigenous peoples and of all those who do not wish to live according to the capitalist model.

In tandem with these organisational efforts the Zapatistas developed languages, terms and concepts of resistance and rebellion. Those languages make it possible to talk and think against the grain, against the current, upside down, beyond the expected, and without being hemmed in by the limits of the imaginable. The second part of the workshop explores some of these terms with regards to their relevance and strangeness in our own calendar and geography.

We will then look again at the call, explore the terms of the invitation, and see how and if we can connect our own struggles to it.

There will be Zapatista coffee, t shirts and handicrafts for sale, plus some publications on the Zapatistas and related struggles.


The venue, ACE, is all on one level and wheelchair accessible. It’s at junction of West Montgomery Place and Brunswick Road.

Short walk from bus stops on Leith Walk and London Road.

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Organised by Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group

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