Date(s) - Monday 21st August
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Sean Bonney is in town, so we figured a little poetry reading at ACE is necessary.
EDIT: Christina Chalmers will also read ! Hooray!
EDIT 2: Verity Spott & Dolly Turing will be reading too, joining us from Brighton.

We’ll hear some poetry readings, and then we’ll have a discussion.


Sean Bonney has performed his work at occupations, on demonstrations, in the back-rooms of pubs, in seminar rooms, on picket lines and at international poetry festivals. His poetry and essays have been translated into several languages.

Bonney’s work is exemplary of why anarchism & communism need poetry to think through the violence of contemporary class war. His work brings to the surface the violence the state reserves for those it deems most economically disposable. These are poems that have been refused entry to her majesty’s prisons. They declare victory for dole scroungers. They are the song of the surplus population on strike. They negate government ministers one by one, high on their corpses, mapping the electric perimeters they have constructed while laughing hysterically at them. A catalog of our survival and our deaths.

You can read most of his work on his tumblr & his Abandoned Buildings blog.

author page:


Christina Chalmers (b. Edinburgh) is a poet based in New York. Her poems have appeared in and on The Claudius App, Hi Zero, SCREE, and Asphodel. She is the author of WORK SONGS (Shit Valley Press, 2014) and WILLINGNESS (Materials, 2017).

“Here is my nationalised heart beating
calling it aflame like motion sickness the union
moving through the worldsick
Trichomoniasis of a mine
the orange jaguar’s brother sickness
cathodes in a dad’s warehouse storage unit
they attached it to me attached it to me like a
Sunlit picture of a Piercing, A tag.
Here the picture gives it back, oil in flood.”



Access: The Autonomous Centre is a short walk from Leith Walk and the Top of Easter Road. The building has level access throughout. The bathroom is large enough for a wheelchair, but doesn’t have any additional bars for support, and maybe be tight for turning if you are a powerchair user. Due to the fact this event has no funding, we can’t provide BSL interpretation. If you have any access queries, feel free to message the event organisers on here.

Free admission.


The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh