Bedroom Tax Adding to Deprivation!

From today’s issue of ‘i‘, front page;
‘ “Bedroom tax” causes five-fold rise in hardship cases.
– 25,000 people applied for help with housing payments in April, up from 5,700 in 2012
– Government boosts emergency fund to £155m.
– Staff trained to detect suicide risks in tenants.’
The full article is on page 4.
‘The extent of the suffering inflicted by the “bedroom tax” can be revealed today, as figures show a huge leap in the number of people applying for emergency handouts in the monthe since it was imposed.
‘In April, more than 25,000 people applied for discretionary housing payments (DHP), according to an analysis of 51 councils by i. This is up from just 5,700 for the same month last year.’
The article includes a map and useful statistics – for instance, North Lanarkshire council has seen the highest rise in Britain, a rise of 3,820 %, in applications for help. Glasgow has the highest number of applications, at 5,501 in April alone.
A smaller article on the same page announces ‘Housing staff trained to detect suicide risk in tenants.’
A useful article, worth getting a copy of the i.

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