The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh


The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), is a self-managed social resource centre. We’re open for groups or individuals to use who are trying to make a better society and improve their lives. If you have a project you want to get off the ground but are struggling for lack of resources, ACE is the place for you. There are also different projects already happening at ACE who’d all love for new folk to get involved.

We welcome you to drop by when we’re open, or to come to one of our friendly open organising meetings which happen on the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm.

We’re open every Tuesday from 12pm – 3pm for the Edinburgh Claimants / Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty drop-in advice and solidarity session on debt, dole and housing hassles. The Info Shop is open then too.

We’re also open on the second & last Thursday of the month 6pm – 8pm for various group activities as well as access to the Info Shop, the Scottish Radical Library lending library and all our other resources at ACE.

We’re child friendly and wheelchair accessible.

ACE exists to support and encourage people to take more control of their lives. We believe in people co-operating as equals to create a shared world free from exploitation. We work together in the spirit of mutual aid.

More on what ACE believes and does here