The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE) exists to support and encourage people to take more control of their lives. We believe in people co-operating as equals to create a shared world free from exploitation. We work together in the spirit of mutual aid.

ACE is a self-managed social resource centre open to groups & individuals trying to make a better society and improve their lives. If you have a project you want to get off the ground but are struggling for lack of resources, ACE is the place for you. Check out the ‘groups & activities’ page to see those who are already based here. Our groups welcome contact from those who’d like to get involved.

Please check out our history of activism: ‘The History of ACE and the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre

[During the Covid-19 pandemic, the following paragraph does not apply. Please see our blog updates for current restrictions] ACE is open every Tuesday from 12 to 3 pm for the Edinburgh Claimants / Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty drop-in advice and solidarity session which covers debt, dole, work, council and housing hassles. We’re also open on the last Thursday of the month 6 to 8 pm and the first Saturday of the month 1 to 4 pm. We also hold events outside these hours many of which are open to the public: check out our events page for details.

Within Ace is an infoshop, the Autonomous Archive and the Scottish Radical Library. Our Info Shop sells a wide range of radical left publications alongside Chiapas solidarity handicrafts such as coffee, textiles & books. Check out the other resources we have available.

We are child friendly and wheelchair accessible and abide by a ‘Safer Spaces’ policy. More on what ACE believes and does here.